Development of the identity and packaging of a 30ml bottle of fragrance.


Our Perfume is herbaceous and woody. A fresh and stimulating fragrance with a sweet touch of Haba-tonka. A daytime perfume, aimed at men with personality, elegance and with a more rebellious side.


The naming of the fragrance is "Boogie in blue" that gives name to the single of the pianist Harry Gibson, in its album Harry "The Hipster". The first hipster in history. The brand transmits expressiveness and emotion as well as jazz music along with the elegance of the piano. A typography inspired by the aesthetics of the 1940's Jazz album covers, with a style that generates rhythm and goes against the norm.


Continuing with the concept of the brand the primary packaging of our fragrance treats the very shape of a piano key, in honor of "the first hipster of history" Harry Gibson. Keeping relationship with the rest of the project the secondary packaging treats the same sensation as when the pianist opened the lid of his piano and saw the keys.