Lettering & Type works II. Some of the letterings made during 2018-2019.

La Tribu 29 - Logo for Band of Funk and Flamenco fussion - (Murcia, Spain).

Milagritos - Lettering for a Waldorf pedagogical brand - (Murcia, Spain).

Willy Weilon - Personal brand for rap music artist - (LA California, EEUU).

Black Mamba Films - Lettering for independent film and audiovisual producer (Casablanca, Morrocco) · (Murcia, Spain).

Tutti - Lettering for freelance graffiti artist (Catalunya, Spain).

Remo Tattoo - Lettering for Tattoo artist - (Murcia, Spain).

Dripping - Lettering for Company of Graffiti & Muralism (Madrid - Barcelona, Spain).

Batista Foto - Lettering for freelance photographer (Barcelona - Catalunya, Spain).

El Purgatorio - Lettering for Rock & Roll Pub - (Cartagena - Murcia, Spain).

R.I. - Monogram for a Tattoo Artist (Murcia, Spain).

Peculiar - Lettering for Creative Studio (Barcelona, Spain)

Sweet Vida - Lettering for cover the album of rap music artist "Fatt"  (Murcia, Spain).

FG Laboratories - Lettering for a Freelance Filmmaker & Photographer (Murcia, Spain).

Silver Street Tattoo - Lettering for Private Tattoo Studio (Murcia, Spain)