"YOU WORK ALL DAY AND THEN YOU DIE - The Parrots" Lettering & Credits for new video for The Parrots directed by Joaquín Luna. Produced by @weare_supersonic Co-Produced by @theroyalproductioncompany DOP @marinopardo Executive Production @sergiobeator Executive Production @josefdzv Production Director @annanlv AD @almaysanta_ Production Assistants @pabloeduardosl @gamalata @sofiacortees @marttnvr 1AC @nickochachi 2AC @sinextesix Steady @aitor.goenagalberdi Gaffer @strikegoz Eléctrico @bermejoscriche Editor @joaquinluna__ Colorist @gradepunk Graphic Design @eligechose Makeup Artist @blanca_elece Stylist @luciasobas Art Direction @piakala Still Photo @davitruiz Cast: @ineesotamineesotas, @jonathans3rrano, @chenchenchen0811 With the support of All via @heavenlyrecordings